Sensual SHOWER CREAM Moringa
Sensual SHOWER CREAM Moringa
Ideal for
  • All skin types
Fragrance Description
  • Tuberose

Sensual SHOWER CREAM Moringa

The sensual shower experience for your magical moment of indulgence

The secret of sensual fenjal SHOWER CREAM moringa lies in the unique oil from Moringa oleifera – or the miracle tree. Its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and numerous anti-oxidants make moringa oil one of the most nutrient-rich oils in the world. Feel how the sensual SHOWER CREAM moringa gently cleanses and indulges your skin with its delicate foam, while the delicate fragrance of the tuberose effortlessly invigorates your senses. The secret of the fine scented oil is the white flowers of the tuberose, whose enchanting scent gently envelops you.

Savour the feeling of gently cleansed skin and send your senses on an inspirational journey with the fruity floral scent of the tuberose every time you shower.

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