Nourishing Creme Bath Oil
Nourishing Creme Bath Oil
Ideal for
  • Very dry skin
  • Dry skin

Nourishing Creme Bath Oil

Nourishing CRÈME BATH OIL with 82% natural replenishing oil, especially for dry skin.

Relaxation and wellness for 50 years – the fenjal CRÈME BATH OIL, combing the virtues of bathing and moisturising, cares for the skin and indulges the senses. The natural replenishing oil forms a protective film, making the skin supple and smooth and protecting it from moisture loss. Dry skin in particular benefits from lasting protection. The blend of orange, rose and vanilla in this bath oil creates a harmonious scent offering a heightened sense of wellness. The luxury bath oil can also be used as a spa treatment two or three times a week. The stylish designer glass bottle is an eye-catcher in any bathroom.

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