5. Fragrances

Our olfactory system allows us to detect a wide range of fragrances. Although we don’t really notice our nose, it has a greater influence on our wellness than we might think. By breathing in scents, a reaction is triggered in the limbic system which stimulates our brain. Hormones are released which impact our mood. Breathing in fragrances which we like has a positive impact on our mood. Our beauty glossary shows you what effect the individual ingredients actually stimulate. Take a look now!

Bring an enchanting fragrance into your everyday life and a good mood is guaranteed! Scented oils are the perfect thing. Depending on your mood, there is the right scented oil for every circumstance.

Rose: calms, cares for the skin, has an aphrodisiacal effect and creates a loving atmosphere

Pepper mint: refreshes, liberates and improves your memory

Jasmine: relieves stress and gives you a boost

Orange: enlivens, warms and encourages creative thinking

Lavender: relaxes and balances

Lemon: refreshes and enlivens

Care tip: fenjal EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY



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