This year, fenjal is celebrating its 50th anniversary – but how did it all begin?

In 1962, my husband was on a business trip to the USA and he brought me back a bath oil, which was completely unknown here at that time. I was immediately excited at the care properties, although the oil settled in a rather unsightly manner on the surface of the water. My husband therefore asked his laboratory to develop a bath oil which took these precise properties into account. And so the classic fenjal CREME BATH-OIL was created, the first fenjal product which is still available today.

What is the secret of fenjal? A regular fenjal customer once described it in the following way: when she was twelve, she enjoyed her first crème bath oil experience. The luxurious fragrance and the beautiful blue tint made her feel like a princess as she sat in her fenjal crème bath oil. Her friends at school were very envious of her. I think that this is the very essence of the secret of fenjal: that special feeling procured by the care, the quality and most particularly the fragrance – now as then.

What new offerings can our readers expect from fenjal? In our jubilee year, we intend to make fenjal even more of an experience for our customers. There is a new homepage offering the opportunity to request products to test as well as a spa finder. A Facebook page provides our customers with even more information as well as the chance to communicate with us directly. Only when we are aware of the needs and care experiences of our customers can we successfully develop new products.


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Comment by Tony Willmore |

Your products are really wonderful. My wife often asks me if you make a perfume. I am sure it would be bought by woman all over the world