Natural beauty - Beauty through nature

Everyone knows an insider beauty tip, such as natural products which improve your inherent radiance. Whether it’s cucumber slices for stressed eyes, healing earth face packs or classic milk baths, many women opt for a natural approach to skin and body care.

In the field of care products, attitudes began to change some time ago: more and more women now recognise that natural active ingredients provide the skin and body with milder and longer-lasting care than conventional products containing chemicals. Furthermore, both scientists and female consumers have long been aware that many chemical ingredients in cosmetics have undesirable side effects which can, in some cases, prove serious.

It is therefore all the more important to exercise caution when choosing care products. Silicone, petroleum products and paraben place a great strain on the skin and should therefore be avoided. They interfere with the natural function of the skin (e.g. by closing the pores) and have worse effects in the long term.

And yet there are numerous alternatives. fenjal products do away with such strains and use many natural ingredients which are renowned for their highly nourishing properties. Classic ingredients such as moisturising aloe vera and shea butter as well as revitalising ginger provide the skin with natural care, because nothing cares for the skin as mildly or effectively as natural ingredients. Your skin will be eternally grateful to you.

Important information concerning care products can be found in the beauty glossary.


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