The Swiss brand fenjal was established in 1962 with the still famous crème bath oil. The fenjal crème bath oil was one of the first products which made it possible to wash and moisturise at the same time. The recipe, making use of valuable plant oils, is still unparalleled in terms of its skincare properties. Today, the fenjal brand stands not only for “total woman” philosophy, but also for a comprehensive and exclusive skincare range of bath, shower, cream and deodorant products. Thanks to intensive research, the products have been constantly adapted to the women’s body care market and extended to include new products. fenjal is developed, produced, warehoused and distributed in and from Basel and therefore stands for Swiss quality.

As the manager of fenjal, Susanne Grether calls on personal commitment with an indispensable share of composure which she derives from combining work and family. She adopts a pragmatic and partner-oriented approach and always keeps her eye on the ball. As a result, the mother of three never hesitates to criticise new fenjal developments. “Only what I myself perceive as being good and would use on my children offers the sufficient level of care for our fenjal customers”.

Together with her team and boasting myriad ideas, Susanne Grether builds the future on the experience and tradition which have made the fenjal brand a success. This native of Basel is particularly impressed with the range of fragrances and the marked strategy of fragrance differentiation. “Fragrances influence our feelings, our power of judgement and our every act. Who, for example, doesn’t think of love, beauty and purity when they smell a rose?” asks the third generation manager of fenjal. Thanks to her degree in psychology, she also knows that no form sensory perception occurs as quickly as smell while also triggering an intensive experience. So it is not for nothing that “fragrance” has always been an important theme for the cosmetics firm Doetsch Grether AG to which great importance is attached. According to Susanne Grether, fragrance is synonymous with product quality in our everyday life. “We surround ourselves with fragrances to lend our lives quality. Our fenjal care product range is the perfect expression of this philosophy.”

fenjal stands for an unmistakable, mild, feminine scent. Carefully selected fragrances support the skincare effects of the products and transform body care into a ritual of self-indulgence. Through its multi-sensorial effects – incorporating smell, touch and sight – fenjal provides care for the skin and balm for the soul and contributes to a holistic sense of wellbeing.