Doetsch Grether was founded in 1899 as a pharmacy in Basel. Shortly afterwards, the business activity was expanded to incorporate the whole distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. As early as 1962, the fenjal crème bath oil became the first fenjal project to be launched on the market.

The distribution of fenjal on foreign markets marked the beginning of the International Division in 1963.

Scientific research and innovation have contributed to the development of the Swiss brand fenjal which now offers a comprehensive range of care products manufactured in Muttenz (BL).

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fenjal – historical milestones

2016 fenjal ist bought by the German company fit GmbH and the production is relocated to Germany.
2014 The responsive version of the fenjal website is now available. So now you can enjoy our website using you smartphone or tablet PC.
  The fenjal Intensive care hand cream was awarded with the PRIX de BEAUTÈ 2014 Award from the Swiss magazine annabelle.
2013 The fenjal product range was extended with the new products: fenjal shower cream-oil and fenjal care hand cream. Both are available in the intensive and sensitive editions.
2012 With the fenjal website relaunch it has become so much easier for the consumers to experience the brand and get to know the product range of fenjal.
2011 Bath products extended with the innovative micro-emulsion bath range.
2009 Introduction of the Vitality range for the over 35s target group.
2008 New products with the introduction of the Water Orchid range. Start on new fresh and affective label design.
2007 Continued development of fragrance differentiation with the introduction of the rose crème shower oil and cream bath products.
Januar 2006 fenjal sensitive touch shower cream nominated for the annabelle beauty prize.
November 2005 fenjal sensitive body lotion labelled “very good” in the Eco-test Germany.
2000 and after New seasonal/limited series fragrances (cranberry, grape, lavender). Introduction of the fenjal sensitive touch skincare product range for sensitive skin with milder formulations, natural ingredients and new, modern fragrances.
90s Change in design (feminine bottle design with a waist). Differentiation through skin types (sensitive).
80s Consolidation of continuity.
70s Expansion of the range with lotions and shower mousse as well as fragrance differentiation.
60s / early years Genuine innovation with the introduction of the first crème bath oil (for dry skin types).